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Ideas for Kids Quilts

Making kids quilts is one that I find really enjoyable. There's nothing like kids quilts to bring out one's creativity and keep one young at heart. Quilts for young boys and girls and even babies make great gifts, will make a wonderful addition to a nursery or a kid's room, and can become something that can be passed on from generation to generation.

Beginning Quilting Now


If you are scouting for ideas for kids quilts, here are some ideas to inspire you:

1. Milestones. Quilts can be used to tell a story about the milestones that a child has achieved (or will achieve in the future).

2. Aspirations. Who will you be when you grow up is a challenge for many young people simply because so many possibilities are open to them. You can use this as inspiration for your kids quilts.

3. Favorite things. What is the child fond of? Objects that the child loves can be immortalized in a quilt. Think of things like fairies, cars, toys, mermaids, planets, butterflies, cartoon characters and so on. Use what kids naturally love as inspiration for kids quilts.

4. Family vacations. If you have a family that loves to travel, then using the places you've gone will make a wonderful theme for your quilt.

5. Bible stories. Use elements from one story to populate your quilt, or depict several stories in one quilt. A favorite story for quilting is that of Noah's arc.

6. Children's stories. Again, you can use elements from one story for your quilt, or you can make a representation of several stories one one quilt. Fanciful stories like Alice in Wonderland can give you a lot of material to work with. Memorable and easily recognizable characters such as the 3 little pigs, little red riding hood, etc. will help create a fun quilt for a child.

7. Nursery rhymes. These silly and fun rhymes can be a source of inspiration for your kids quilt designs.

8. Animals. There are many ways to depict animals in your quilts. You can have a circus theme, a zoo theme, a safari theme, or even a farm theme. You can feature a single animal, or several animals.

9. Alphabet and numbers. An educational twist to the quilts is always welcome among parents.

10. Family Tree. Quilts can be used to remind kids that they belong to a family who loves them very very much. Family tree kids quilts are also extremely personal and make wonderful items that can be passed on and treasured for a long time.

11. Special holidays. Use the changing seasons as inspiration for your kids quilts. Think about creating a Christmas and Thanksgiving quilt during winter or an Easter quilt for spring.

12. The kid's name. Using the kid's name will make the quilt personal, unique and memorable.

13. Healthy eating quilt. They say that the more familiar a child is with a certain food, the more likely he is to try and enjoy it. So why not put healthy food in your kids quilt designs? Fill your quilts with the healthy goodness of fruits and vegetables.


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